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Core Products List
AVN Console for Snort IDS Web based console for event monitoring and rules management. It works in a Linux-based application complex with patched Snort IDS. Application complex consists of Linux operating system (OpenSuSE), firewall rules management system based on shell scripts, patched SnortSam - a firewall blocking agent for Snort, HTTP server, patched application server Apache Tomcat, PostgreSQL DBMS and a coupe of other supporting software.
AVN Forum Engine JSP forum engine for Apache Tomcat application server. It uses Display tag library functionality. For those who uses Tomcat application server and PostgreSQL DBMS. Early available version does not contain fullfunctional administration toolbox. This site integrates engine functionality under development.
Tomcat Connector for Domino JK - DSAPI connector (gateway) implemended as a Domino HTTP filter dynamic loading library for two platform applications. It works with Domino application servers 7 and 8 versions and Tomcat application server in Linux environment.
AVN SMTP Super Proxy ProxSMTP based application to make a proxy SMTP bridge in front of the SMTP server with antispam and antivirus filter call. It works in a Linux environment together with net filter kernel functionality and ip tables interface to provide additional mail filtering for SMTP servers with lack of this functionality. Standard script calls Apache SpamAssassin for mail filtering.
AVN Metadata Parser for 1C Pure Java application which parses 1C configuration metadata and create a number of views for direct SQL data manipulations with 1C database. It works together with PostgreSQL DBMS patched for 1C.
AVN Marketing Mail Distribution System Web based application and a number of scripts for marketing mail distribution and delivery control. It working in Tomcat application server environment together with PostgreSQL DBMS and Domino application server. It supports unlimited separated distribution lists and easy customizable branded user interface.